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Admission to U.S. colleges and universities is an ever-more complex and competitive challenge. My College Advisor offers students and their families extensive personal consulting services that guide the entire process to successful completion.

Beginning with MCA’s comprehensive Student Assessment, your consultant will guide you to explore your unique potential as a student, contributor to your school and community, and potential leader for the future.

Your consultant will work with you to develop a comprehensive college admissions strategy, with advice on your high school course selection, standardized admissions tests, and extracurricular (including summer) activities. Through a process of developing preliminary college lists, virtual tours and campus visits, followed by debriefings with your consultant, MCA will guide you to a final list of best-fit colleges.

MCA services cover all aspects of the application process, including advice on choice of recommendation writers and cover letters to them, simulated college interviews with review, resumes, and portfolios. Your consultant will also work with you through all stages of your college essays, from brainstorming topics to final edits. We help students develop persuasive college application essays that represent a high level of self-reflection and literary expression.

MCA students typically gain acceptance to most, if not all, of their top-choice schools.  MCA consultants help students and their families make their final college decisions and show them “How to Make the Most of College.”

My College Advisor helps students successfully transfer to best-fit universities and colleges.

Our process of guiding students in clarifying their purpose and goals; selecting the most appropriate transfer colleges and programs; developing an effective admissions strategy; creating superior applications, essays, resumes, and portfolios; and excelling in interviews.

Each year, My College Advisor assists students in gaining admissions to America’s top business, medicine, law, and other graduate programs.

Our approach to graduate and professional school admissions is highly individualized and takes into account the unique career and professional goals of each client.

MCA consultants work with applicants to develop a final school list and an effective admissions strategy for each school to which they will apply.

We continue working with each client throughout the application processing and advise them on how to create effective essays and resumes.

We also work with our clients using specialized techniques and tools to help them give impressive interviews.

Each year, My College Advisor helps a select number of students gain admissions to America’s best boarding schools.

From school selection to writing essays and preparing for successful admissions interviews, MCA works closely with students and their parents to help families make this important decision.

The MCA boarding school consulting process begins with a full student assessment that helps the student understand him/herself more fully. This foundation enables the MCA consultant to recommend the most appropriate list of schools for your student. After the final list of schools is decided, we will guide you throughout the application process.

We will work with students and parents to achieve successful admission essays, conduct simulated interviews, and create impressive resumes and personal statements.

Comprehensive advice about letters of recommendation, admissions test preparation, and current course work and extracurricular activities will be directed towards a successful admissions outcome.

My College Advisor has been privileged to serve students and their families from over fifteen nations, including, India, South Korea, Japan, Germany, China, Mexico, Canada, and France. We have developed effective tools and programs specifically for our international clients through the use of video-conferencing, email, and telephone.

Our international services offer complete application assistance, help with essays from brainstorming to final edit, application review, advice on letters of recommendation, as well as simulated interviews with feedback for improvement.

MCA has guided international students to successful admissions at the top university undergraduate programs and boarding schools, as well as to the top MBA and other graduate programs in the United States.

Athletics is an important part of the college experience for many students. In addition, in many cases, student athletes gain admission to more competitive universities and colleges than would otherwise be possible based on their academic record alone.

My College Advisor will assess the student’s academic and athletic qualifications to determine the most appropriate schools and develop an effective admissions strategy for each school.

Through our affiliation with The College Sports Track, we are able to guide students and families throughout the athletic recruiting process, getting kids connected with college coaches, developing a sports scholarship strategy with parents, interpreting coaches’ intentions, and evaluating real opportunities.

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