School Admit List

Below is a partial list of the schools that have admitted our students between 2014-2018:

American University

Amherst College

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bard College

Barnard College

Bates College

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brown University


Carnegie Mellon University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Dartmouth  College

Dickinson College

Duke University

Emory University

Georgetown University

George Washington University

Georgia Tech

Gettysburg College

Harvard University

Harvey Mudd College

Johns Hopkins University

Lafayette College

Lehigh University

Manhattan College

Northwestern University

New York University

Ohio State University

Penn State University


Pomona College

Princeton University

Rensselaer Polytechnic

Rice University

Skidmore College

Smith College

Stanford University

St. Michael’s College

SUNY Binghamton

SUNY Geneseo

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University

Trinity College


UC Berkley

University of Chicago

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Maryland

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

University of Richmond

University of Rochester

University of Virginia


Vanderbilt University

Villanova University

Washington University

Wellsley College

Wesleyan University

Williams College

Yale University

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