• I wanted to express my gratitude in all the work both of you have done for me during my time of application. I'm thrilled to have been accepted to a school where I thought my grades could never allow it. Thank you so much again.

    Student Student enrolled at Washington University
  • I guess that you have learned from Henry that he has been accepted by both his EA and ED schools. I would like to congratulate both of you for another job well done. Angie, Henry, and I really appreciate your advice and guidance.

    Parent Student enrolled at Columbia
  • We are extremely happy we used My College Advisor for the college application process for our daughter. This task can be daunting and MCA helped us through the process. Dr. Guerra helped with the applications, essays, practice tests and interview skills. He also organized her resume and made recommendations for possible colleges that would best fit her. Thank you to all at My College Advisor.

    Parent Student enrolled at Tufts
  • I never could have done it without all your help, and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much for helping me through this process and making my life so much easier.

    Student Student enrolled at Harvard
  • Obviously the results tell the whole story. She applied to all the Ivy Leagues and she got into all the schools she applied to. The whole service was excellent. We would definitely recommend MCA someone else. It was invaluable.

    Parent Student enrolled at Harvard
  • I thought I would tell you that I did get accepted into the program. I found out yesterday and I was very excited. Thank you very much for all you help and advisement.

    Student Student enrolled at NYU Stern
  • Working with MCA was the best investment we made for our son. MCA provided guidance for school course selection, test preparation, and college selection. We learned a lot during our son’s application process. With the help of MCA, my son went for early decision and we were pleasantly surprised that my son was accepted ED. In summary, we were pleased with all the services we received. MCA provided excellent guidance and treated our son with special care. We would highly recommend MCA to other rising seniors. Again, this will be the best investment for our kid’s future.

    Parent Student enrolled at University of Chicago
  • MCA was extremely helpful in guiding us through the college selection/application process. Our daughter felt that MCA was especially good in helping her write her essays.

    Parent Student enrolled at Cornell
  • Thank you for helping us through this unfamiliar and stressful process.

    Parent Student enrolled at Stanford

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