Our Philosophy

The MCA philosophy is student-oriented; we are about personally guiding our students through a process of self-discovery and articulation that leads to successful college applications, as well as happiness and success in college itself.

The vital task is to help our student clients know themselves well, so that their college choices represent genuine best-fit schools. We do not agree with the “packaging” metaphor that is sometimes used by college consultants to describe their work.

We see our clients as students who are maturing through a process that will culminate in making the first major decision of their life—where they will go to college.

There is a wealth of opportunities—and choices—in U.S. higher education. The more fully and carefully prepared students are, the more choices they will have. The admissions process at U.S. colleges and universities takes the whole person of the student into account, rather than relying solely on national standardized testing, as in most countries of the world.  Admission involves a comprehensive review of high school courses, extracurricular and work activities, personal statements, special talents, teacher and counselor recommendations, and legacy. MCA guides students and their families in addressing all of these factors, developing an admissions strategy to achieve maximum benefits.

MCA has independently evaluated every four-year college and university in America, so that our clients receive the best advice on their college investment. Our key performance indicators are the schools’ track records of supporting student satisfaction and successful graduation. Through our U.S. patented college selection system, we enhance consumer confidence in making the substantial commitment of time and resources that college education requires.

MCA affirms that all our services will:

  • Treat every student with respect, courtesy, and personal attention.
  • Honor the highest professional ethical standards.
  • Empower students and their families to make the best choice in selecting and gaining admission to the college that best fits their needs and goals.
  • Work with every family to secure appropriate financial assistance.
  • Provide every student with the highest quality individual consulting and learning materials, based on the research and curriculum of My College Advisor.

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