How does MCA initially work with students?

MCA’s approach with each student is profoundly personalized. At the initial free consultation, the perceptions, values, and concerns of both parents and students are explored and the family is given a clear sense of how MCA will help the student develop and achieve his/her goals. Soon after enrollment, the student is engaged in an extensive interview assessment that is the foundation for working with the student throughout the high school years and for all aspects of the college admissions process. Parents are involved in the process in a manner that is consonant with family’s unique dynamics.

I am a freshman in high school. Am I too young to start the consulting process?

As most colleges will assess the entire high school performance of applicants, every year MCA accepts a few rising freshmen who wish to receive the benefit of personalized guidance and strategic admissions planning throughout their high school experience.

What if I don’t live close to either the CA or NY locations?

Every year, MCA works with a number of domestic and international clients with whom all services are delivered electronically through Skype, email, and telephone. Our distance clients express the same satisfaction with the outcomes of their college admissions experience as do our in-office clients.

College Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates at top schools continue on a record-breaking trend. The Fall 2018 Harvard acceptance rate was 5%. Yale’s acceptance rate was 6%, the University of Chicago’s 7%, and the Cornell acceptance rate was 11%. On the West Coast, Stanford’s acceptance rate was 4%, the UCLA acceptance rate was 14%, and the UC Berkeley acceptance rate was 15%. See more of the US News rankings for the Top 100 Schools with the Lowest Acceptance Rates.

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